Advanced AI Chatbots with ChatGPT and Dialogflow

Deploy ChatGPT to your website today. Introducing native chatbot integrations with OpenAI's ChatGPT and Dialogflow. Sell more and qualify leads, automatically. Our bots support the most advanced AI with support for human escalation to your agents in Microsoft Teams and Slack.

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Create your ChatGPT or Dialogflow Chatbot Today

Deploy intelligent chatbots for your website to answer visitor questions, collect info, and generate leads. Automatically enable the chatbot when you're offline, if you miss a chat, or create a chatbot only live chat widget to be your virtual agent.

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How to Add a Chatbot to your Website

Add a ChatGPT Enabled or Dialogflow Chatbot to your Website in 3 simple steps.

1. Create your Live Chat App

Register for a free trial here by choosing an integration. Then create your Live Chat app.

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2. Connect to ChatGPT or Your Dialogflow Agent

Leverage our integration with OpenAI's ChatGPT or Google's Dialogflow to create advanced natural language chatbots online.

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3. Connect Live Chat and ChatGPT or Dialogflow

Add your OpenAI API Key for ChatGPT to your Chatbot settings. Or, for Dialgflow, simply add your Service Account key to your Chatbot Settings.

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Dialogflow Chatbot Top Features

ChatGPT Chatbot ChatGPT Chatbot

Embed ChatGPT chat into your website

Chat Pre-Sales Form Pre-Sales Forms

Ask your visitors anything. Collect visitor information like name, email, and phone.

Webex Agents Traspaso de personas

Escalate chats from your chatbot to your human live chat agents.

Webex File Sharing Compartir archivos

Send files to your chat visitors and let visitors upload files to you, right from Webex.

Webex Javascript SDK SDK de Javascript

Una API sencilla para rellenar previamente la información de los visitantes y pasar la información de los clientes a sus agentes.

Chat Targeting Rules Normas de focalización

Configure tantos miembros del equipo como sea necesario. No hay precios por agente. Haga crecer el chat en vivo a medida que su equipo crece.

Chatbot Quick Replies Quick Replies

Use reply shortcuts to send default responses for common questions.

Webex Profile Photos Fotos del perfil de Slack

Muestre un toque humano con las fotos de perfil de los agentes y los nombres que muestran.

Webex Online Schedule Online Schedule

Configure su chat para que esté en línea y fuera de línea durante las horas típicas de oficina

Webex Proactive Invites Invitaciones al chat proactivo

Llegue a clientes potenciales con invitaciones automáticas al chat. Dispare utilizando reglas o nuestra API de Javascript.

Webex Chat Reports Dashboards & Reports

Vea cómo le va con los informes del chat. Exporte datos a sus sistemas externos.

Chat 3rd Party Integrations Integraciones de terceros

Send leads and transcripts just about anywhere with our 3rd-party integrations.


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¿Quién debe utilizar Social Intents?
Small businesses, entrepreneurs, marketers, and anyone who wants to improve their sales. Especially teams that use Microsoft Teams, Slack, Zoom, or Webex.
¿Hay una prueba gratuita?
Yes! We offer a 14-Day free pro trial with all the bells and whistles to make sure you love the product. Cancel at any time and there are never any contracts.
Can I use live chat on multiple websites?
Sí, por supuesto. Cada uno de nuestros planes soporta un número escalonado de sitios web. Así que elija un plan que se ajuste a sus necesidades.
¿Tengo que firmar un contrato?
No! There are no contracts and you can cancel at any time.