How to Leverage AI in your Customer Service Team to Win Big

As a business owner, I am always trying to find ways to increase customer satisfaction, leverage the content we’ve already created for customers, and reduce the load on our customer service agents and support staff. Companies can leverage AI solutions like ChatGPT chatbots to address each of these issues and can offer a significant ROI. ChatGPT is a huge step forward in allowing companies to automate their customer service by integrating AI into their website to quickly answer customer questions and escalate to human agents only when necessary.

What is AI in Customer Service?

AI in Customer service can mean many things like generative AI to help create knowledge base articles, auto-creation of responses used by your agents when responding to customer queries, or a complete AI chatbot that can respond to your customers immediately. Here’s an example of an AI Chatbot using ChatGPT to respond to customer questions.

AI Chatbots for customer service

Each option is valuable in its own right, and each gets a considerable boost with the latest AI tools.

In this article, we will focus on how you can leverage AI content training and automated chatbots to respond to your visitor questions to help reduce your customer support load and improve overall customer service at your company.

How can you train a Customer Service Chatbot to answer support questions?

There are several tools on the market that you can use, like Social Intents, to train a chatbot on your website content using product pages, knowledge base articles, pdf guides, and spreadsheets as training material for the AI chatbots.

Typically, you log in to your chatbot settings, point to your training content, and click train as below in Social Intents.

Train AI Chatbots on your website content.

The AI then builds embeddings that best match generated contexts with your customer queries and then provides these content blocks to AI like ChatGPT or Bard to respond to your visitor questions automatically. Training your AI in this manner is easy and doesn’t require you to incur large costs or build new LLM’s (Large Language Models).

Save money by reducing customer service agent time

With the addition of AI chatbots to your customer service toolset, you can have your website live chat respond to visitor questions when entering the site. Then, only invite your human agents to the conversation as needed. This dramatically reduces the time your agents need to spend with visitor questions. We’ve seen a reduction in agent times of up to 70% in our customers who are leveraging our ChatGPT chatbots.

What are examples of AI in customer service?

When configuring AI chatbots for website chatting, you have several options for configuring these within your company. Here are some options:

  • Customer self-service chatbots – Fully automated AI with human escalation triggered
  • Hybrid agent + AI chatbots – Agents and chatbots are both invited to chats; when an agent answers, the chatbot drops out of the conversation.
  • AI chatbots for missed and offline messages – Only have your AI answer chats when your human agents are not available.
  • Multi-lingual chatbots – Have chatbots automatically answer your chats in the visitor’s preferred language.

Can AI totally replace customer service agents?

The short answer is maybe. You can train your chatbot on a lot of data, but it is always nice in certain situations to escalate the chats to human agents when the visitors are not getting the answers they need. Tools like Social Intents are important, as they allow a hybrid model with your AI approach.

How does AI improve customer experience?

If you train your AI chatbot on enough data, it can quickly respond accurately to customer questions and reduce your customer service needs. The caveat here is that you need to test your bots and optimize your training content for the types of questions that you have.
Internally, we have a weekly review of all chatbot transcripts and create new training content based on strange responses to improve any odd chatbot responses constantly.

How to get started with AI for customer service

Getting started is easy with our 14-day free trial. Sign up, point to your website content, and deploy your AI chatbot using a single-line code snippet or shareable link. Setup typically takes about 5 minutes and you can continuously train your chatbot on website content to improve the responses and improve your customer service.

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